Executive Summary of Abrahamic Movement 3-2-1 Federation Plan


The model we have developed is based on a paradigm called “Abrahamic Federalism”




The Holy Land is the nexus of the Abrahamic religions. What we need in the Holy Land, between Jew and Arab, is healing. We have cried too many tears, buried too many dead. Enough. Sulha. 


It has been said that if religion is part of the problem of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, it must be part of the solution. 


We believe we are the children of Abraham, both literally and in spirit. We believe that Avraham/Abraham/Ibrahim is the powerful unifying symbol that Jews, Christians, and Muslims can come together and agree upon.




3 Flags: one Israeli, one Palestinian and one Abrahamic Federation 

3 Anthems; one Israeli (Hatikvah); one Palestinian; and one Abrahamic Federation 3 Police forces: one Israeli, one Palestinian, and one joint Federation professional police force 

3 Seats of government: one Israeli, the Knesset in West Jerusalem; a Palestinian Parliament (Majlis) in East Jerusalem; and an Abrahamic Federation Council, on the Mount of Olives 


2 Parliaments; 

2 Presidents/Prime Ministers of each nation 

2 Official languages, Arabic and Hebrew (with English as a “recognized” language) 

2 Seats at the General Assembly at the United Nations (similar to how France and Germany, though part of the EU, each have individual representation) 

2 Passports, one Israeli and one Palestinian, but both under the Abrahamic Federation (AF), similar to how passports in the EU are both national and Trans-national 


1 Currency 

1 Economic market 

1 Federation Council, with limited powers (possibly with a rotating Chair/Vice-Chair every six months) 

1 Abrahamic Federation (AF) citizenship 

1 Bill of Civil Rights