Frequently Asked Questions

Why Abraham?

Abraham is known as the Father of Many Nations, and the Father of Ishmael, who the Arabs trace their roots to, and the Father of Isaac, whom the Jews view their roots to. He is a unifying symbol for the Abrahamic Family, and in both the Torah and Qur’an, he is commanded by God to go to the Blessed Land.


Will The Jewish State Continue To Exist?

Yes. There will be a Jewish State of Israel and an Arab State of Palestine.


What Will Happen To The Israeli Law Of Return?

The State of Israel will be able to determine who it wants to grant citizenship to.


How Will Your Plan Handle Refugees?

The State of Palestine can determine who it wants to grant citizenship to. A Palestinian Ministry of Absorption will be created. The State of Palestine will pay for the Absorption of immigrants. Immigrants will be entitled to AF citizenship, but not Israeli citizenship. They can however become residents of Israel if they choose. They will vote in Palestinian national elections.


How Will You Deal With Jerusalem?

The seat of government of the State of Israel, the Knesset, will be in West Jerusalem. The seat of government of the State of Palestine will be in East Jerusalem. The Old City/Holy Basin will have separate status, like the Vatican or Washington, DC. An Abrahamic Federation Council will be established, possibly on the Mount of Olives.


What Will Be The Borders Of The States?

There will be open borders between the states, as in the US and EU. State boundaries will be determined based on demographics.


Will They Be The 1967 Borders?

No. The entire land will be open to Jews and Arabs. The Green Line will be erased.


How Many Seats Will There Be At The UN?

There will continue to be two seats, as currently exists. The Federation may have special status, similar to the EU.


What Will Happen To The Settlements?

No settlements will be uprooted. They will be under the jurisdiction of the State of Israel.


How Will You Deal With Gaza And Hamas?

Gaza is currently ruled by Hamas. We don’t believe Hamas will agree to this proposal, but if they do, they are welcome to be a part of the State of Palestine, so long as it is peaceful.


How Will Passports Work?

The passports will work similar to the way they work in the EU. There will be one AF passport, with two nationality versions, one Israeli, one Palestinian.


How Many Currencies Will There Be?

There will be one currency and one economic zone. The name of the currency and the images on currency will be negotiated.


Will There Be One Parliament And One President/Prime Minister?

No. The Abrahamic Federation Council will have a rotating Chair/Vice-Chair representing each state for 6 months at a time.


What’s The Difference Between A Federation And A Confederation?

The most well known Federation is the United States. The most well known Confederation is the EU. Our model will be a hybrid of the two systems, similar to the Swiss Confederation, which is actually a Federation, and represents multiple languages and peoples.


What About The Temple Mount?

The Temple Mount/Haram al Sharif is the most sensitive spot in the conflict between Jews and Muslims, as it is holy to both religions. There will be mutual education projects to learn why it is holy to both peoples. Freedom of prayer should be guaranteed to all who wish to serve God with humility.


How Will The Federal Police Work?

The Federation police will take the place of the military police in Judea and Samaria/West Bank. Law, order and security will be preserved. The police force will be a joint police of Israelis and Palestinians. All officers will be fully professional and uniformed, above the age of 25, fluent in both Arabic and Hebrew. Ideally, squad cars should patrol with one Palestinian and one Israeli.


What Goes At The Local Level? National Level? Federal Level?

Local government will be divided in the Palestinian areas similar to the Governate system as presently exists. Each locale will decide how it wishes to choose its leaders. In the State of Israel, local municipalities will continue to operate as they presently do.


At the national levels, each state will have its own independent government. Representatives to the national governments will be based on constituencies and general party votes.


At the Federal level, the Council will coordinate in areas of mutual concern such as infrastructure, transportation, water and other shared resources. The powers of the Council shall be limited, in order to provide as much independence to each state as possible.


What Is Included In The Bill Of Rights?

The Bill of Rights will include Freedom of Speech; Freedom of the Press; Freedom of Movement and Employment; Freedom of Assembly; Freedom of Religious Practice; the Right to Privacy and Judicial Due Process; Habeas Corpus; Searches and seizures must be obtained with a warrant; Prohibition on torture.